Audi Oil Change Service

Why Get An Oil Change For Your Audi?

Getting an oil change is the least expensive and easiest way to extend the life of your Audi. Replacing your oil is essential in order to keep your engine performing at its best. The motor oil not only keeps the internal parts and components lubricated, but protects them against wear and tear.

When To Change The Oil In Your Audi?

For exact information on oil change intervals, we recommend referring to your Owner's Manual. Newer Audi models are typically approved for 10,000 mile oil changes, but older models may require more frequent oil changes. Refer to your Owner's Manual, or ask your Service Consultant for the exact recommendation for your specific Audi. Remember to take into consideration other factors such as your local climate and daily commute.

How To Know If You Have a Problem With Your Engine Oil?

You may be able to save yourself a lot of money and inconvenience if you know how to identify the symptoms of an engine oil related problem. We've listed a few common symptoms that will help you discover if you may have an engine oil related problem.

oil stainOil Stains Under Your Audi

Spotting oil stains under your Audi can be tricky, especially in the summer time. This is because it's common for your vehicle's air-conditioner to drip water. Be sure not to mistake it for oil. If you do spot oil drops or puddles collecting under your Audi, we recommend scheduling a service appointment as soon as possible. Common areas to look for at the start of an oil leak are valve cover gaskets, oil pan drain plug and oil pan gasket.

Oil LightEngine Oil Light is Blinking

A major problem may arise if the oil light is on or if your Audi is suffering from low motor oil pressure. The engine needs a certain amount of oil in order to stay lubricated like it was designed to. If the oil light on your vehicle's dashboard comes on and stays on, we recommend ceasing driving your Audi and having it towed to the dealership so our technicians can determine the issue.

Why Get Your Oil Changed at Audi Louisville?

Audi Louisville will keep your vehicle in tip-top motoring condition by using the factory-recommended engine oil and an oil filter that are engineered specifically for your Audi. Our Audi service technicians will inspect and make sure your engine does not have any problems and if it does, they will explain what they've found and give you advice and recommendations for getting the most out of your engine.


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