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Key Features of the Audi e-tron® quattro

  • Three electric motor system paired to a lithium-ion battery with a total output of 320 kW
  • Legendary quattro® all-wheel drive
  • 150 kW home charging capability and 240 kW or 350 kW DC fast charging capabilities
  • 0-60 MPH acceleration time of 4.6 seconds and an estimated top speed of 130.5 MPH
  • Developed for pilot driving with features which include radar sensors, a 3-D video camera from partner Mobileye, ultrasonic sensors, and a laser scanner
  • Remote access and monitoring from a selection of
    Audi mobile apps
  • Estimated range up to 310 miles*
  • Intelligent drive management system and Audi drive select

Reserve Your Audi e-tron® quattro

Helping to pave the way for the future of electric mobility, the upcoming Audi e-tron® quattro is efficient, sporty, and perfectly suited for everyday use. A cornerstone of achievement in progressive design, the e-tron® quattro seamlessly combines advanced technology with exceptional driving dynamics. Three powerful electric motors --one in the front and two at the rear -- combine to produce a total system output of 320 kW. With standard quattro® all-wheel drive, the e-tron quattro will join an iconic lineup of Audi vehicles which are world-renowned for their performance across all types of weather conditions.

The all-new Audi e-tron® quattro was first revealed to the world at the e-tron® Global Launch Event on September 17, 2018. Since that time, Audi has been taking reservations from early adopters eager to be one of the first to own this groundbreaking vehicle.  As demand is expected to exceed supply, it is highly recommended that you reserve your place in line for a new Audi e-tron® quattro with a fully-refundable deposit.  Contact Us via the form below and we'll walk you through the entire process to reserve your Audi e-tron® quattro.

Audi e-tron® quattro Innovations

 Audi e-tron quattro for sale

Electrifying the Next Generation

Harnessing the power from three electric motors along with a large 95 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery, the Audi e-tron® quattro concept offers an innovative way to electrify your commute. Due in part to this expansive battery capacity, the e-tron® quattro is slated to debut with a maximum range of up to 310 miles*. In total, this entire system combines to produce an eye-opening total system output of 320 kW. Even though the e-tron® quattro challenges the limits of efficiency, it can also rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.6 seconds on its way to an electronically-limited top speed of 130.5 MPH. For maximum dynamics and ultimate stability, a Torque Control Manager can actively distribute power between the rear wheels as needed. Thanks to a cleverly-hidden battery concealed in the floor of the vehicle, the e-tron® quattro provides a balanced axle load distribution and a low center of gravity for spirited handling.

Smart Charging and Aerodynamics

Found at the heart of the Audi e-tron quattro, its Combined Charging System (CCS) enables convenient charging with DC or AC electrical current. Using a charging station rated at 150 kW, it takes just 30 minutes for the e-tron® quattro to receive a full charge with 250 miles of range*. Another groundbreaking capability of the e-tron® quattro is Audi Wireless Charging technology, allowing for contactless inductive charging to help make the charging process more seamless than ever before. With a design that's unmistakably Audi, the e-tron® quattro wears a coupe-like silhouette featuring an extremely flat greenhouse which tapers strongly toward the rear. Aside from being eye-catching and stylish, this dynamic design adds to the model's incredible efficiency. Marking another milestone in the SUV segment, the 0.25 drag coefficient of the e-tron® quattro is vastly superior to the 0.30 figures typically found on similarly-sized vehicles.

Audi e-tron quattro Charge Port
Audi e-tron quattro Lighting Innovations

Advanced Lighting Innovations

At the front of the Audi e-tron® quattro, onlookers eyes will be drawn to the iconic Singleframe grille integrated with five horizontal aluminum slats which house the OLED (organic light emitting diode) elements of the vehicle's light signature. Housed in the bottom section is an e-tron logo which briefly lights up to greet the drivers and passengers and a cleverly hidden compact sensor rach which conceals sensors for the driver assistance systems. Matrix laser technology, the next evolution in the development of automotive lighting technology, is found in all of the main lighting functions of the e-tron® quattro. For an additional contribution to the excellent aerodynamics, cameras will replace the conventional exterior mirrors while serving as yet another indication of the future of driving.

Coming Soon: Audi e-tron® Sportback and GT

Also expected to arrive in the coming years are the Audi e-tron® Sportback and GT models -- helping to lead the electric charge of future Audi vehicles.

Audi Louisville invites you to stay current on the latest news about the Audi e-tron® quattro, and all entire line-up of Audi electric vehicles by contacting us via the form below.

Audi e-tron Sportback
Audi e-tron GT

*Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale. Specifications may change.


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