Audi Q7 VS BMW X7

If you're looking for a luxury three-row SUV, you've probably taken a look at the Audi Q7, one of the first vehicles introduced in this segment, and one much praised for handling you might not have thought possible in a vehicle this size. But other carmakers have come along with competing vehicles in more recent years, and the BMW X7 is one of the more popular full-size, 3-row SUVs. So you might be wondering how these two vehicles stack up. Fortunately, Audi Louisville has the following comparison to help you out.

Audi Q7 VS BMW X7

Audi Q7 BMW X7

2023 Audi Q7


2023 BMW X7

$58,200 ✓ Starting MSRP $77,850
5.7 seconds ✓ 0-60 Time 5.8 seconds
4,817 pounds ✓ Curb Weight 5,370 pounds
7,700 pounds ✓ Towing Capacity 5,400 pounds
41.7 inches ✓ Front Legroom 39.8 inches
2 ✓ Number of Touchscreens 1
Standard ✓ Push-Button Folding Third-Row Seats Not Available
Available ✓ Laser Headlights Not Available
Available ✓ Remote Park Assist Not Available
Available ✓ Intersection Assist Not Available

Right from the start, you probably noticed that the X7 is significantly more expensive than the Q7. It is true that the base Q7 comes with a four-cylinder engine, but optioning up to the more powerful 3.0L TFSI V6 engine only raises the price to $63,800, and the top trim of the Q7 comes in at $74,000. The BMW is more expensive no matter what, and BMW isn't offering any advantages for that money.

Thanks to extensive use of aluminum in its construction, the Q7 is more than 500 pounds lighter than the X7, and you can see that this translates into a quicker 0-60 time, not to mention better handling. Front leg room is better in the Audi, but you can free up a lot more room by towing all of your luggage behind the Q7, thanks to a vastly superior towing capacity.

Audi Q7 Headlights

When it comes to equipment, Audi offers things like dual touchscreens and third-row seats that fold flat at the push of a button as standard. You can't get on the BMW at all, and the list of Audi-exclusive equipment just grows when you look at options. Both SUVs offer parking assist, but only the Q7 offers Remote Park Assist, which can be controlled by a phone app, and doesn't require you to be in the vehicle. Intersection Assist, a feature that can look out for traffic around corners at intersections with poor visibility, is only available on the Audi, and is a huge help when piloting larger vehicles like these. Only the Q7 offers laser headlights too, making for a significant advantage in visibility.

Audi Q7

Winner - Audi Q7

Both of these vehicles offer seating for seven, standard all-wheel drive, 8-speed transmissions, and mild hybrid systems. They both even have optional all-wheel steering. So it's in the details where you have to find which gives you a better value, and especially with the huge price difference, it's clear that the Q7 is a much better buy. Most people would consider the Q7 to be better looking too, but that's something you should judge for yourself in person. Give us a call at Audi Louisville so you can experience the Q7 and see for yourself why it's the leader in its segment.