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Audi Battery Replacement

Of the numerous components found on your Audi, one of the most commonly overlooked is also one of the most important -- your battery. Every day, you count on your battery for much more than simply the ignition power needed to start your vehicle. In fact, every component found on your vehicle that requires electrical power relies on the battery to function properly. Radio components, power seats, power windows, headlights, interior lights, and windshield wipers are all examples of features which depend on your battery. Before it leaves you stranded, it's important to know and understand the condition of your battery.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Know Your Climate - It may seem surprising, but where you live can actually have an impact on the lifespan and health of your battery. Warmer climates are known to have a harsher impact on the performance of your battery than colder climates.
  • Date Codes - Stamped on the top side of your battery will be a date code which indicates when your battery was manufactured. The code begins with a digit and a letter; 15 would indicate 2015 and it is followed by a number denoting the month A being January, B being February and so forth. The older your battery is, the greater likelihood that it may need to be replaced.
  • Clamps & Cables - In order to provide a good connection, take the time to ensure that any loose clamps or cables are properly secured around battery terminals.
  • Corrosion Buildup - As time passes, corrosion can start to collect around battery terminal posts. Make sure your battery terminals are clean and free of corrosion to ensure reliable performance. Excess buildups of corrosion can also be a common sign of a weak or dying battery.
  • Electrical Features - It's a good habit to switch off features of your vehicle which rely on electricity such as interior lighting, radio and navigation display screens, or fog lights when not in use. Turning these features off when they're not needed can help reduce excessive drain and can help extend the life of your battery.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Weak or Dying Battery

Instead of waiting until your battery dies completely, it's a good idea to address the warning signs of a weak or dying battery. You can count on our team of Audi service professionals and factory-trained technicians at Audi Louisville to diagnose, service, or replace your battery in the event that you begin to experience a problem. Listed below are a few common indications that your battery could need some attention soon.

Dimming of Interior/Exterior Lights

Dimming of Interior/Exterior Lights

Should you experience dimming of the interior or exterior lights during normal use, your battery could be weak or dying. It's likely a sign of your battery struggling to hold an adequate charge to provide power to the lights.

Delayed Engine Crank or Start

Delayed Engine Crank or Start

If you notice a slight delay or weak cranking sound upon starting your car, it might be time to replace the battery in your vehicle.

Check Battery Warning Light

Check Battery Warning Light

A Check Battery warning indicator light on your dashboard is there to alert you to a potential problem with your battery or your vehicle's charging system.

Low Fluid Level

Low Fluid Level

Found on the top side of your battery casing is a window through which you're able to inspect the level of fluid inside. Should this fluid level fall below the lead plates found inside, we recommend that your battery and charging system should be inspected.

Why Shop Car Batteries at Audi Louisville?

If you're concerned or curious about the health status of your battery, Audi Louisville makes it simple and convenient to have your battery inspected. Use our helpful online scheduling tool to have your battery checked by factory-trained Audi technicians who understand your vehicle inside and out. Our Audi experts will diagnose the condition of your battery, remove any excess corrosion buildup around terminals, install a replacement battery if necessary, and properly dispose of your old battery.

Genuine Audi Parts and Certified Technicians

Audi Louisville has a full selection of Genuine Audi batteries which have been designed to meet the exact specifications of your Audi vehicle. Our Certified Audi technicians will install your new battery using specialized parts, repair tools, and diagnostic equipment. You'll be able to drive with peace of mind from knowing your Audi will continue to deliver years of reliable performance.


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